Since you can manage who enters and when, access control systems offer the highest level of security. Additionally, maintain an audit trail across your whole location by automatically logging all movements made across a network of entry points.

Our staff has extensive experience working in a variety of business areas. Whatever your needs, we collaborate with your facilities, HR, or IT departments (or a combination of them) to design a specialised solution that best meets your specifications and price range.

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Types of Access Control

We provide all forms of access control for your property's interior and exterior. There are solutions for both turnstile-style requirements and single door operations.

An individual token swiped over a sensor can authorise access. You can choose to go the biometric way, which will approve access by fingerprint or iris recognition, or you can utilise a keypad where people enter their PIN.

No matter which choice you go with, access control systems provide your team a picture of who is where and when on the premises. It enables you to evaluate the usage of your site and can direct your processes and rules.

Access Control Solutions

Protect your business, restrict access around your building to prevent unauthorised access to data sensitive areas.

We are experts in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial door access systems. Our skilled team of security technicians can install all types of access control from telephone and video entry systems to computer-controlled systems operated by magnetic or proximity tokens

Our commercial door entry systems are configured to work with fire alarm systems and will fail open in the event of an emergency. All our locks are chosen to ensure they are suitable for your doors.

Our systems are commonly installed in offices, factories and industrial units, schools and colleges, hotels, hospitals, and care homes. Our access control systems can also be connected to Building Management Systems (BMS).

Control the movement of visitors and staff to restricted areas to comply with health & safety and aid security

We understand that every business is different and each security system needs to be designed to meet your business needs and the needs of health and safety.

Our computer-based systems are highly configurable. They can be programmed to allow access to certain areas at pre-set times and/or enable role-based permissions for senior/qualified staff members into data sensitive or hazardous areas.

We can design the perfect system for you.

NSI Gold standards

We supply, install and commission Access Control Systems to NSI Gold standards.

Reports, control systems and fire roll call available on a smart phone

In the event of an emergency our systems allow designated fire marshals to receive a fire roll-call direct to their mobile device. This can be a life-saving feature for large organisations or organisations with multiple muster stations.

You can also interrogate the access control system direct from the secure app, produce reports and find any member of staff within a controlled building with as little as a swipe and tap.