Every home is different, with unique security requirements – which is why we never sell over the phone.

Be wary of those who do!

We need to ensure the security solution fits your home perfectly which is why we always carry out a comprehensive home survey.

Because once you have the right alarm system, like a comfy shoe, you'll be happy putting it on every time you leave the house; safe in the knowledge there will be no friction along the way.

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Find the right protection for your home

Advanced protection for the entire house round-the-clock. All are powered by optional expert 24/7 monitoring with demands for emergency response or app control.

When it comes to alarming your home, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. This is what we normally refer to as an initial consultation. In order for us to completely comprehend the security requirements, we would visit your location to be able to make a more accurate assessment of the building's layout, its size, and its susceptibility. We will also be able to discuss the appropriate type of alarm system for the area's inhabitants and assets. We can highlight any extra security features or integrations needed to completely secure your property if it becomes apparent that more than just an intruder alarm is necessary in some cases.

Smart Alarm Systems

Why buy an ordinary home burglar alarm when you can have a smart home alarm system?

If you're looking for a home security system and you've not yet heard about smart alarms, read on... we think you'll be impressed.

What is a Smart Alarm and how are they different?

Smart alarms are the burglar alarm system of today. They do EVERYTHING an ordinary burglar alarm system can do, and a lot more besides.

Like a traditional home alarm, they can be set and unset by entering a unique user code into the alarm keypad or simply presenting a key fob to the keypad. They can also be programmed to sound the external siren, contact an alarm receiving centre, or alert you when activated, if required.

Let's assume for a moment that, like us, you sometimes forget things;
Did I lock the back door, did I switch the alarm on.... you know the feeling.

A smart alarm eliminates that worry.

Not sure if you switched your smart alarm on?

No problem, check the secure app on your smart phone and, if it's not set, set it directly from the app from anywhere in the world.

You can control multiple smart alarm systems from the app (e.g. your office and home alarm) and multiple partitions within each system (e.g. your house and garage), allowing each to be set and unset independently with a simple swipe motion.

Not got a smart phone?

No problem.

As we previously mentioned, a smart alarm can still be set and unset just like any ordinary intruder alarm system. In fact, we can make it ultra simple and provide a small handheld remote to enable you to set/unset at the click of a button, just as you do with remote central locking on your car.

Concerned you'll forget to set it?
We can program your smart alarm to auto set at a pre-determined time of your choice - say, 9:15 (Mon-Fri) when everyone should be out of the house at school, at work or... ahem... on the golf course!?

Standard Home Alarms

What does our standard home alarm system consist of?

We can offer wired or wireless alarm systems, although we find most homeowners opt for wireless as they're equally as secure as hard wired yet much neater, quicker and less disruptive to install, which is often reflected in the price.

Wired or wireless, all our alarm systems are a professional grade (minimum Grade 2 -- unlike those found in most large DIY stores) and consist of, but not limited to, the following components:

Main control panel

This is typically installed in the centre of the house, somewhere like an understairs cupboard or out of the way. It's the control panel's job to communicate with all the detection devices on the system.

Remote keypad

The keypad is typically fitted in the entrance lobby, or somewhere on the entry/exit route. This is where you arm (when leaving) and disarm (when entering) your home. You can arm/disarm the alarm system from here using a 4-digit pin code or swiping your key fob up to the proximity reader built into the keypad. Our keypads also have a built in panic button should you ever need it.

Motion detectors

Our motion detections, the little white units in the corners of the room, detect movement through passive infrared (movement of body heat). We can also supply pet-friendly versions, if you have cats or dogs and dual-technology motion detectors for harsher environments such as a summer house or garage.

Door/window shock & contacts

Door/window contacts are fitted to entry/exit doors as well as other vulnerable doors and windows. These detect vibration/shock as well as when the window or door is opened and closed. The door contact on the entry/exit door will typically initiate the entry timer when entering the home, allowing the homeowner a pre-set time to reach the keypad to unset the system.

External siren

The external siren acts as a visual deterrent as well as a fully functioning 105Db siren to alert neighbours and scare off intruders, when your alarm system is triggered. If you live in a remote rural area without close neighbours we can also offer professional alarm monitoring solutions.

intruder siren